My name is Debbie Williams, I have been a member of toastmasters since May 2017 and I enjoy the art of storytelling. The podcast came about due in part by others requesting that I start one, and the fact that my daughter bought me a microphone for my birthday in May 2020.  I mean, it was lock-down, what else was I going to do!

Stories have always been a way to communicate, and parables have always been used to help us understand real life. Before people learned how to write, they would tell each other stories, those stories were our history books. Sometimes we may underestimate the power we have with our speaking voice. We all have a story that somebody else wants to hear.  We all have it within us to inform, educate, and inspire others. 

I’m known to frequent the gym, go for runs, swim, cycle and I’ve completed 12 spartan races to date.  I’m also known for my banana cake and the fact that I’m not so great at making other flavours!

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Hostage Survivor – Jose Pereira DEBBIE WILLIAMS's Podcast

Jose Pereira, a former Citgo Petroleum CEO, was wrongly held captive in Venezuela for almost five years (November 21, 2017, to October 1, 2022). He was part of the CITGO6 and his only "crime" was being an American. Since his release, Pereira focuses on reconnecting with family, writing his memoir, advocating for wrongfully detained Americans, and reforming US hostage policies. He draws upon his international experiences to inspire and empower others to effect positive change, with an unwavering motto of resilience and faith.Links: Can Do It: DIY, Home Decor, and Interior DesignCreate the home of your dreams at any budget!Listen on: Apple Podcasts   SpotifySupport the show
  1. Hostage Survivor – Jose Pereira
  2. Embracing Our Talents
  3. Don't Lean on Your Excuses
  4. Holding Your Dream In Your Hands
  5. Embracing Shyness – Finding Your Authentic Voice

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