Episode 23 – Having An Older Brother

Older brothers have a tendency to position themselves as role models for their younger siblings, and they will never let you go out in the world unprepared, well, that’s the theory anyway.  However, I have found mine to turn out to be my lifelong mentor.  Ooohhh…. what does that feel like?  Have a listen to find out more!

Episode 22 – Your Powerful Voice

We all have the power to inspire with our voices.  Everyone has a story that somebody else wants to hear.  Regardless of what football team you support, Marcus Rashford has taught us is to speak up about issues that we feel passionate about.  The fact that he dared to speak up made a difference to so many families.  Have a listen as to why I believe that it is so important for you to use your powerful voice.  Enjoy.


Episode 20 – How Do You Measure Success?

Do you allow yourself to define and measure your own success or are you reliant on other people’s opinion and approval of where you are?  Everyone has a different interpretation of what it takes to become successful. What may be a small accomplishment for one person can be a huge milestone for another.  Listen to my interpretation.  Enjoy.